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AI to be used for the first time as legal representation in US court

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The world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) lawyer is set to appear in a US court. The AI lawyer, DoNotPay, was developed by a start-up company to be capable of automatically generating legal documents and filing lawsuits at the press of a button.

DoNotPay was developed by a Stanford University student named Joshua Browder, who initially created the AI to help people contest parking tickets. The technology has already successfully disputed 190,000 parking ticket claims and has evolved to further assist with a wide range of legal issues, including small claims court, housing disputes, and even immigration cases. The AI lawyer uses natural language processing to understand the user’s legal problem and provide relevant information and guidance. It can also automatically generate legal documents, such as letters and court filings, which the user can then submit to the appropriate authorities.

DoNotPay is now set to appear before a court as the first robot lawyer. The AI will not directly interact with the court but will instead run on a smartphone and listen to the judge and prosecution and provide relevant advice to the defendant on how to respond.

However, some experts have expressed concerns about the implications of AI lawyers. They argue that the technology may not be able to fully understand the nuances of legal cases, which could lead to mistakes and potentially harmful outcomes. This will more likely be present in the early stages of the AI’s existence as it continues to learn about the legal system. But with each iteration and update it will exponentially grow.

This technology has the potential to revolutionise the legal industry. By significantly reducing the cost and time required for legal proceedings, individuals will find legal pathways more accessible and affordable. DoNotPay currently costs $36 USD for an annual subscription to the service.

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