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Apple faces lawsuit over App Store monopoly allegations in the US

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Apple is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the Department of Justice (DOJ) over allegations of monopolistic practices related to its App Store in the United States. The lawsuit, which comes after years of scrutiny and criticism from developers and regulators, highlights the ongoing debate over competition and control in digital marketplaces.

The DOJ’s lawsuit against Apple focuses on several key issues, including the company’s policies that require developers to use Apple’s in-app payment system, which charges a commission of up to 30% on transactions. Critics argue that these policies create barriers to competition and limit consumer choice, ultimately leading to higher prices for apps and services. Previously, Epic Games challenged Apple for this same issue for in-app purchases for its game Fortnite but lost on nine of ten counts.

Apple has defended its App Store practices, stating that they are designed to ensure a safe and secure environment for users while providing developers with tools and resources to reach a global audience. The company emphasises its investments in app discovery, security, and privacy as reasons for maintaining tight control over the platform.

However, the DOJ’s lawsuit raises questions about the balance between innovation, competition, and consumer protection in the digital economy. The outcome of this legal battle could have significant implications not only for Apple but also for other tech giants that operate app stores or digital platforms with similar business models.

This lawsuit is part of a broader trend of increased regulatory scrutiny facing big tech companies around the world. From antitrust investigations to privacy concerns, governments and regulators are closely examining the practices of tech giants to ensure fair competition and protect consumers’ interests. Meta, Microsoft, X (Twitter) and Match have also come into the mix protesting Apple’s monopolistic practices.

For a full reading of the media release, see here.

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