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ASPI releases report detailing Chinese dominance in critical future technologies

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A first-of-its-kind report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has highlighted the challenges posed by China’s technological dominance. The report notes that China is quickly surpassing the United States and other Western countries in key technological areas such as artificial intelligence, 5G networks, and quantum computing.

This dominance is not just limited to the technology sector but extends to strategic industries such as defence, telecommunications, and energy, with China dominating 37 out of 44 critical technologies.

The implications of China’s technological dominance are significant, as it has the potential to influence global standards and policies and to gain significant economic and political leverage over other countries. Additionally, China’s technological edge could enable it to develop new military capabilities and challenge the traditional military supremacy of the United States.

The reports underscore the urgent need for Western countries to address the challenge posed by China’s technological dominance. Failure to do so could have significant economic, political, and security implications, and could lead to a future where China sets the rules for global technology and innovation, as well as undermining the regional stability of the Indo-Pacific region.

For a full reading of the report, see here.

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