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Australia establishes new artificial intelligence expert group

Empowering Privacy and Data Protection with Secure Encryption Technology

The Australian government has taken a significant stride towards fostering responsible and innovative artificial intelligence (AI) development with the establishment of a new expert group dedicated to shaping the nation’s AI strategy. Announced by the Minister for Industry and Science, the formation of this group follows the government’s interim response to the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia consultation.

The formation of the group marks a pivotal moment in Australia’s technological landscape. Comprising leading experts from academia, industry, and government sectors, the group is poised to offer strategic guidance on AI policies, ensuring they align with ethical standards and contribute positively to societal progress. At the heart of this initiative lies the recognition of AI’s transformative power and its implications for various facets of society, including economy, governance, and ethics. By bringing together diverse perspectives, the expert group aims to navigate the complexities of AI adoption, addressing concerns such as algorithmic bias, data privacy, and accountability.

The group consists of twelve appointees:

  • Professor Bronwyn Fox: CSIRO Chief Scientist, represents Australia on the panel overseeing the international Frontier AI State of the Science report
  • Aurélie Jacquet: A leading figure in the development of responsible artificial intelligence systems, Chair of Australia’s national AI standards committee, OECD expert on AI risks, and advisor on international AI certification initiatives.
  • Dr Terri Janke: An international authority on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP)
  • Angus Lang SC: A leading legal practitioner and contributor on intellectual property law and AI, addressing developments in Australia and Europe
  • Professor Simon Lucey: Director of the Australian Institute for Machine Learning at the University of Adelaide, with a background in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and research spanning computer vision, machine learning, and robotics
  • Professor Jeannie Paterson: Founding co-director of the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics, and a leading contributor to legal and regulatory reform processes in Australia and internationally
  • Professor Ed Santow: Co-founder of the Human Technology Institute, leading major initiatives to promote human-centred artificial intelligence
  • Professor Nicolas Suzor: A Future Fellow at QUT, a Chief Investigator of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society, and an expert on the governance of digital technologies
  • Professor Toby Walsh: Widely recognised voice on AI development, with leading roles at Data 61 and UNSW, and numerous international fellowships
  • Professor Kimberlee Weatherall: A Chief Investigator with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society
  • Professor Peta Wyeth: An internationally recognised researcher on human computer interaction, human-centred artificial intelligence, and design practice and management
  • Bill Simpson Young: Co-founder and CEO of Gradient Institute, founded to accelerate the ethical progress of AI-based systems, and leading technologist for the safe and responsible use of AI

The group will work until 30 June 2024 with the possibility of extension following the interim response to the safe and responsible AI consultation.

For a full reading of the media release, see here.

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