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Australian Law Council explores whether artificial intelligence can draft legislation

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The Australian Law Council’s recent research delves into the intricate relationship between legislation and artificial intelligence (AI), shedding light on the challenges and opportunities posed by the integration of AI technologies into legal frameworks. The study offers valuable insights into how AI can inform and potentially transform the legislative process.

At the heart of the research is the exploration of ChatGPT, an AI language model, as a tool for analysing legislation. By leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities, the study examines the potential of AI to assist legal professionals in tasks such as drafting, interpreting, and analysing legislation. Through a series of analyses, the researchers investigate ChatGPT’s ability to comprehend legal language, identify ambiguities, and offer insights into legislative intent.

The lead researcher tasked ChatGPT to compare, analyse and produce domestic violence legislation. Given the complexity of the topic and the complex human problem, the AI could not produce an output satisfactory to the Australian Law Council. It lacked the ability to overcome biases or limitations in understanding nuanced legal concepts, particularly when balancing objective and subjective outcomes for victims of domestic violence.

However, one key finding of the study is the significant potential of AI to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the legislative process. ChatGPT demonstrates the ability to rapidly process vast amounts of legal text, offering valuable assistance to lawmakers in navigating complex legal frameworks and identifying areas for improvement or clarification. Moreover, the research highlights the role of AI in promoting transparency and accessibility within the legal system, enabling citizens to better understand and engage with legislation.

For a full reading of the paper, see here.

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