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Australia’s new Digital Platform Regulators Forum

Four of Australia’s leading watchdogs have come together to create the new Digital Platform Regulators Forum (Forum).

This Forum was designed to increase collaboration between government bodies regarding the regulation of digital platforms. The Forum is comprised of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. These four entities will now work together to scrutinise internet search engines, social media services, private messaging services, electronic marketplaces, and other digital platforms.

Principally, the Forum will enable:

  • contact list disclosure between the four entities, the government, and key stakeholders
  • information and data sharing regarding digital platform regulation
  • enhancing regulatory capabilities, and
  • collaboration opportunities to propose remedies for broader online issues.

This collaboration is coming off the back of similar recent news regarding digital platforms and online safety and is now confirming the federal government’s push to handle competition, consumer, privacy, online safety, and online user data issues.

Proper management of digital platforms is becoming an increasing focus of Australian regulators due to its impact on Australian life. It will be interesting to see how this collaboration will benefit the regulation of digital platforms and the new initiatives that will bring to protect businesses and consumers online.

For the full reading of the terms of reference of the Forum, see here.

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