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Benefits of Hiring Our Software Lawyers

Best Software Lawyers

Arnotts Technology Lawyers are regarded as one of Australia’s leading law firms with over 30 years of experience at the intersection of law and technology.  As software lawyers, we act for both big and small clients both in Australia and overseas, providing them with technology and telecommunications law expertise. Here are the top 5 benefits of hiring our expert lawyers:

Legal and tech expertise

The principal of Arnotts Technology Lawyers, Alan Arnott, has degrees in both computer science and law and is experienced in advising tech suppliers and customers in commercial contract negotiations. Arnotts Technology Lawyers have acted for many suppliers and procurers of technology, including providers of cloud technology.
With clients including software-as-a-service providers, managed service providers who provide services such as virtual hardware, data centre operators and software developers, our lawyers are well-placed to provide you with the legal and tech expertise your business needs. Their deep understanding of technology and the tech sector means that they can ensure that the terms of your agreement reflect the technology being used or developed, making them some of the best software Dispute lawyers around.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

The best software attorneys are those that are skilled in contract drafting and negotiation that will protect your interests within industry-accepted parameters. Our software attorneys have drafted and negotiated a broad range of agreements including master services agreements, software agreements, startup legal documents, IPS and Telco agreements, M&A agreements and corporate policies.

Intellectual Property

One of the biggest issues in tech-related agreements is intellectual property. Our lawyers have seen multi-million dollar deals fall apart because a contract failed to adequately address IP ownership. The best software lawyers are those who are able to see these critical points and negotiate the contract so that your business and not your developer, owns the software. That’s why when you talk to one of our lawyers, they will be able to see straight away what issues you are facing and advise you on the best way forward.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Laws and regulations relating to areas such as data protection and privacy are ever-changing and it is important that your lawyer is across these updates. Hiring a generalist lawyer is not enough in most cases when it comes to data protection and privacy. They know how to help your business stay compliant with data protection and privacy laws and the best software lawyer will advise you on the common issues tech companies face in relation to data protection and privacy.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes and court proceedings can be some of the worst nightmares for tech companies. Without a thorough understanding of how the law applies to the tech sector, it can be hard for software companies to properly understand their rights. We have solid experience in seeking urgent injunctive relief from courts, enforcing agreements, recovering debts and otherwise representing clients’ rights.

The best software lawyers are those that you can trust to understand your language and not risk any mistakes when it comes to understanding the tech you are using or developing. Arnotts Technology Lawyers, with its solid understanding of the tech industry and the needs of tech clients, is your trusted partner and advisor to get all of your legal needs sorted. Contact us today or call us on 1800 749 294.




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