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At Arnotts Technology Lawyers, we regularly advise clients on their obligations under the Corporations Act. From directors duties, to shareholder disputes, we have you covered.

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Arnotts Technology Lawyers are skilled corporate lawyers with significant experience working with corporations. Many of our clients are corporations for whom we provide expert advice pertaining to their obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

A corporate lawyer understands corporations have a lot to consider and many duties with which they must comply. From directors duties to shareholder disputes, we understand the full spectrum of legal and regulatory issues your business may face.

At Arnotts Technology Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being skilled corporate dispute lawyers as well as experienced shareholder dispute lawyers.

This means we understand that the Corporations Act, together with the associate regulated regulations sets out a complex legislative framework. We have extensive experience in advising corporate clients on a wide range of issues, and assisting clients with corporate investigations in matters concerning corporate fraud, examinations of directors in the Supreme Court of New South Wales amongst various other legal matters that arise under corporations law. We also regularly draft and negotiate shareholders agreements to ensure the stability and protection of a corporation.

As shareholder disputes lawyers, regularly advise directors on their legal obligations, as well as having experience in bringing legal action on behalf of shareholders against directors for breach of their directors duties.

Whether you are a director or shareholder, Australia’s corporations law can be complex and difficult for you to navigate. As corporate lawyers, we make it our priority to understand what matters to you most and deliver in representing your best interests.

Get in touch with us today for skilled corporate dispute lawyers and experienced shareholder dispute lawyers who are able to assist you.



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