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Our cyber security and data breach team regularly assists and advises suppliers and acquirers of technology and telecommunications products and services on cyber and data security issues across multiple jurisdictions.

We are across the full data lifecycle: from risk management and advisory, compliance and due diligence (such as through internal data policies and procedures), drafting, reviewing and negotiation of privacy agreements to incident management and notification of a data breach.

Whether it is health information or other personal information, each data breach is different and we have you covered.

Some of our Satisfied Clients

Startups, SMEs, Public Listed Entities, Multinational Corporations and Government
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Here are some of the matters that our cyber security and data breach team deal with on a regular basis:

  • Advising on sale of data to third parties, data transfers and retention, breach notification, employee monitoring and surveillance, liability, directors’ duties, compliance and data governance;

  • Pre-Incident Preparation: assistance in reviewing cyber insurance policies, customer and supplier contracts to meet business needs and when addressing data breaches;

  • Dealing with data subject requests and/or disclosure of personal information required under various regulations and constitutions;

  • Drafting and assisting the implementation of internal data breach and notification policies and procedures including staff workshops;

  • Drafting privacy agreements e.g. data processing addendums, data breach response plans, privacy policies;

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating technology and commercial contracts with a focus on privacy and data due diligence;

  • Advising on privacy, health privacy, cybersecurity and consumer data rights laws across multiple jurisdictions;

  • Dispute Resolution with respect to cyber breach incidents and loss and/or disclosure of data.




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