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Data Privacy Lawyers Sydney: An Overview

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The emergence of the “Internet of Things” and the increasing reliance of organisations on the data economy, especially Big Data and machine learning, have led to the emergence of data privacy lawyers. With their expertise in laws relating to cybersecurity, data protection and privacy, data privacy lawyers are becoming more important to businesses in all industries. So, what exactly do data privacy lawyers do?

Data privacy lawyers are able to advise on the legal and regulatory issues during all stages of the data lifecycle, from the generation of data to the sale of data. They can point out the issues relating to about the collection, use, storage and deletion of personal information, amongst other issues relating to data privacy and security. Since the laws and regulations on data are becoming more and more complex, with various overlaps with other laws, data privacy laws can help businesses stay compliant with this ever-expanding web of regulations. Data privacy lawyers can demystify the laws and regulations your business needs to know.

Specifically, data privacy lawyers may advise on the sale of data to third parties, data transfers and retention, breach notification and employee monitoring, as well as other matters. They can also draft a suite of documents including data processing addendums, data breach response plans, privacy policies, and contracts with a focus on privacy and data due diligence. The prominence of Big Data means that data privacy lawyers need to help businesses understand their obligations relating to the responsible use of personal information and any risks associated with the collection of personal information. As well as Big Data, other areas where data is gaining increasing attention is in services such as healthcare. Various privacy implications to do with the emergence of electronic health records, telemedicine, biobanks, and other new systems means that data privacy lawyers need to advise organisations on the management and responsible use of health data. The rise of artificial intelligence, with its machine learning capabilities, is set to add another layer of complexity to the legal issues surrounding data protection and privacy. All of these developments indicate the significant role data privacy lawyers have in advising organisations on the laws and regulations on data protection and privacy.

At Arnotts Technology Lawyers, we can advise you on issues that arise during the full data lifecycle. Our services include risk management and advisory, compliance and due diligence (e.g. internal data policies and procedures), drafting, reviewing and negotiation of privacy agreements, incident management and notification of data breaches, as well as other contracts with a data privacy focus. Our data privacy lawyers have a combined 30+ years of experience in technology law so you know you can rely on us to take care of all of your technology law needs. Do you need a data privacy lawyer? Contact us today or call us on 1800 749 292.

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