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Digital ID Bill introduced in Australian Senate

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The Digital ID Bill 2023 (Cth) was introduced in the Australian Senate, steering the nation towards a transformative era in digital identity. The Bill aims to strengthen the existing Digital ID schemes by increasing governance, privacy, and consumer protections as well as redefine the landscape of online interactions, privacy, and security.

At its core, the Digital Identity Bill seeks to establish a comprehensive framework for the issuance and recognition of digital identities across diverse sectors. This will occur under the Trusted Digital Identity Framework and include prohibitions on the use of single identifiers, the disclosure of information for marketing, and restrictions on the collection, use and disclosure of biometrics and other personal information. The Bill now also introduces penalties for non-compliance. The Bill also expands the Australian Government Digital ID System. Stages 1 and 2 of the expansion will see the reciprocal use of digital IDs and attribute providers in Commonwealth and state services. In the future, the government’s digital ID services and attribute providers will expand to the private sector.

The proposed legislation outlines stringent measures to ensure the responsible handling of individuals’ personal information, acknowledging the paramount importance of safeguarding citizens’ privacy in the digital realm. To ensure this security, the Bill establishes the independent Australian Digital ID Regulator for the accreditation, participation in the Australian Government Digital ID System, and enforcement of compliance measures under the Bill.

Other notable points of the Bill include the maintenance of a public register of accredited service providers and participants in the Australian Government Digital ID System, as well as additional powers for the Australian Digital ID Regulator and relevant Minister.

For a full reading of the Bill, see here.

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