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Are you an in-house general counsel looking for a true legal partner to help you manage your day-to-day workload?

If you are an in-house general counsel at a technology company, and I were to take a peek at your inbox right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a wide range of communications from outside vendors and your fellow executives on many different commercial contract negotiations. Those contracts might be “standard” or may have a huge amount of leverage you could use to create significant value for your company.

The reality is that in-house general counsel are often burdened with a workload that is too much for one person to ever manage. Having a true legal partner that you can outsource your day-to-day legal work to can make all the difference between exposing your company to significant risk and ensuring its security for the long term.

As a general counsel at a technology company, every day you are no doubt driving decisions that can help your business succeed. Without an experienced technology law expert on hand that you can outsource to, you could be jeopardising the company’s business. 

Let us show you how our ATL General Counsel Overflow Service can help you succeed in your general counsel role.

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Startups, SMEs, Public Listed Entities, Multinational Corporations and Government

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3 benefits of the ATL General Counsel Overflow Service:

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Engage an experienced and reputable technology law firm to act as an extension of your in-house legal team.

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Access discounted rates and fixed monthly fees via our low, medium and high month-to-month retainer options with no lock in periods.

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Manage your day-to-day legal operations with ease using our cost effective representation and broad range of corporate and commercial legal experience.

Chances are, our retainer will pay for itself and we’ll knock your legal issues out of the park…It really is that simple and there’s no catch.


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We have worked with many technology businesses and telecommunications companies Australia-wide for many years. We have significant experience helping our tech and telco clients with their corporate and commercial legal requirements.

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