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How to Contact an Attorney Before Launching Your E-Commerce Site

IT Attorney

Before launching your e-commerce site it is recommended that you contact an IT attorney to discuss the legal issues that can impact on you via the website.

Websites can be the subject of legal disputes and many of them have been scrutinised by the courts for many years in relation to a range of different legal issues. For example, websites can be the subject of copyright claims, allegations of misleading and deceptive conduct and breaches of consumer law. Having an IT attorney check the website and explain to you how to reduce your commercial risk through your website can be very valuable.

A good IT lawyer should be able to prepare website terms of service, a disclaimer and privacy policy that complies with relevant law and protects the website owner from legal risk as far as possible.

If you are considering launching an e-commerce site, please feel free to contact one of our IT attorney by telephone or through this website and we will be happy to discuss your legal issues with you, with a view to resolving them efficiently and effectively.

A good IT lawyer should also be able to review marketing content that you plan to use on your e-commerce website to ensure that it complies with applicable law and does not result in claims for misrepresentation, among other things.

If you are launching an e-commerce site that is a software as a service platform, there are further legal issues that should be addressed by your IT lawyer, such as the subscription to the platform by customers, ownership of intellectual property, limitation of liability, ownership of data and other important legal issues.

There are many other legal considerations that need to be addressed when launching an online platform that only an experienced IT attorney can effectively address.

We have acted for many clients who are launching or have launched online platforms and websites as well as clients who have legal disputes concerning the ownership, operation and performance of online software products, including websites. For instance, we have acted for clients who have found themselves in copyright disputes and arguments concerning other legal issues resulting from e-commerce websites and online platforms. If you need any assistance with your plans to launch an e-commerce website, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience. Please feel free to call our office on (02) 8238 6989 or contact us via the contact page on this website.

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