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IP Australia releases AI trademark tool

Scene about registered trademarks on a home office

IP Australia has launched an AI trademark checker. This free tool enables users to check existing trademarks to save time and money.

The tool has been piloted since October 2022 and now has been released for public use. It is approximately being used for 140 applications per week, with the primary user base being small businesses.

The tool enables users to input their mark or logo and use a search function to identify whether it encroaches on any existing trademark. It is able to assess a trademark and search the register to return warnings if the trademark being applied for lacks distinctiveness or is too similar to an existing trademark. It also gives a good indication of how long an application may take to complete, the cost of a trademark application, and whether the trademark is appropriate for use of the proposed class of goods and services.

The tool shows great promise as a first step in utilising artificial intelligence in intellectual property law. It particularly supports small businesses, though it has shown signs of discrimination for nuanced considerations. It also gives

To check out the tool, see here.

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