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Choosing a litigation lawyer in Australia: The ultimate guide

litigation lawyer

Litigation refers to court proceedings commenced by a company or other entity. It can be time consuming, expensive and intense. Therefore, litigation should only be pursued as a last resort.

A good lawyer can help clients involved in commercial disputes firstly to prevent litigation, if possible, and then if litigation is commenced, to achieve a successful outcome.

Experienced litigation lawyers are skilled in obtaining the most optimal outcome for a client.

It is important for a litigation lawyer to ensure that even if a court judgment is handed down in the client’s favour, that the judgment can be enforced against the other party. Sometimes, a lawyer may obtain a successful judgment but the other party may have insufficient funds or assets to satisfy the judgement. This is what is known as a “pyrrhic victory”.

A good lawyer in Australia can assist the client to settle the dispute before court proceedings are commenced, including through sending necessary correspondence, by bringing the parties together in informal dispute resolution (such as mediation) and may also be able to help clients formulate settlement offers.

If you are looking for a Litigation Lawyer in Sydney, please contact us for a no-obligation, confidential discussion about your case.

Our litigation lawyers can assist with all types of commercial disputes. Some of the courts that our litigation lawyers in Australia have helped clients in include the Local Court of New South Wales, the District Court of New South Wales, the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the Federal Court of Australia and interstate courts.

Our Lawyers in Sydney have acted for clients both in New South Wales court and interstate and have experience in technology and telecommunications law, corporate law, intellectual property law, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions and a range of other legal matters.

Litigation lawyers who have experience in corporate and commercial law may have a more fine tuned understanding of the client’s objectives when it comes to resolving a litigious dispute.

Either way, litigation lawyers need to have a solid understanding of a client’s budget and objectives in order to be able to best represent a client. A litigation lawyer who does not understand a client’s goals and requirements may be unable to properly represent the client in litigation.

Our litigation lawyers have significant experience working under pressure, understand the Australian judicial system and excel in litigation strategy, always focused on achieving the most optimal commercial outcome for our valued clients.

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