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Arnotts Technology Lawyers are experts in negotiating M&A IT contracts. We have negotiated the sale and purchase of technology and telecommunications businesses and assets on behalf of a wide range of clients in the technology and telecommunications industries over many years.

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Startups, SMEs, Public Listed Entities, Multinational Corporations and Government
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Arnotts Technology Lawyers are IT contract lawyers specialising in drafting and negotiating technology contracts. We have extensive experience working with many technology and telecommunications businesses over many years.

As an IT or telecommunications business, it is important you have an IT contract lawyer who knows that they’re doing and how to best represent your interests. At Arnotts Technology Lawyers, we have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to best help your business. We know what commercial, technical and legal issues matter most to you and how to address them in an efficient and effective manner so you can operate your business.

As experienced IT contract negotiation lawyers, we have acted for many organisations, both large and small. Not only do we have experience representing clients, but we also have experience negotiating against a diverse group of organisations, including large firms and providers such as Telstra and Optus and Federal and State Government departments.

Through our wealth of experience, we understand that being an IT contract negotiation lawyer requires us to take a different approach to ensure our clients’ interests are best represented in the circumstances.

At Arnotts Technology Lawyers, our main asset that we provide to you as IT contract lawyers is that we understand and deliver on the important issues that are most pertinent to you. We are proud to offer our expert services to help you negotiate the best possible outcome, whether it be in relation to a joint venture agreement or M&A deal.

Get in touch with us today for skilled IT contract negotiation lawyers who act fast in assisting our clients with their complex IT contract dealings.



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