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Merit Protection Commissioner offers advice for automation in recruitment

Artificial intelligence

The Merit Protection Commissioner is a statutory body that was setup to support compliance with the employment principles, values and the codes of conduct of both the Australian Public Service and Parliamentary Service.

The Merit Protection Commissioner recently released new guidance material on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer automation in the recruitment sector.

AI has become increasingly prevalent during recruitment, with many companies turning to AI-assisted and automated tools to streamline their hiring process. This involves resume scanning, automated reviewing of video interviews, to psychometric tests. However, there are a number of misconceptions concerning the use of AI in recruitment, particularly regarding fairness and bias of systems not being maintained correctly. The guidance presented by the Commissioner covers the following details:

  • AI-assisted recruitment myths
  • AI and automation in recruitment
  • Should I use AI in my agency’s recruitment process?
  • Risks of AI-assisted and automated recruitment tools
  • Procuring AI-assisted and automated tools: choosing the right provider
  • Using AI-assisted and automated tools

The Commissioner outlines the risks and benefits of using AI and proposes best practices for entities in the recruitment sector to follow. Additionally, the guidance contains a detailed report on the subject as well as a brief summary of key questions to consider when using AI-assisted tools during recruitment. This includes asking yourself:

  • Have you researched a variety of AI providers?
  • How transparent are the AI-assisted tools that you are planning to use?
  • Does the AI-assisted tool effectively assess the criteria that you hope to measure?
  • Has the AI-assisted tool been tested with diverse cohorts?
  • How can you support your staff to ensure AI is used effectively?
  • How can you use AI in a way that minimises the risks of AI while maximising the benefits?
  • Is the collection of information compliant with privacy obligations?

Additionally, if you have questions regarding the application of the merit in recruitment, you may contact the office of the Merit Protection Commissioner for further advice.

For a full reading of the guidance material, see here.

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