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Are you concerned about your Exposure to Penalties and Reputational Risk under the changes to the Privacy Act?

The changes to the Privacy Act that recently became law can result in penalties for serious or repeated privacy breaches of up to $50 million or even more in some cases. The ATL Privacy Review service can help you manage your privacy risk by undertaking a privacy review of your business that identifies potential pitfalls in your organisation's privacy framework.

Here’s why you need an ATL Privacy Review:

If you are a successful senior executive of a technology business, much of your time is no doubt taken up by dealing with draft contracts and negotiating an ever-mounting array of customer quotes and proposals. 

Through the ATL Privacy Review service, we can undertake a review of your existing privacy documentation and frameworks to identify areas in which your business may be non-compliant with applicable privacy law. 

Without an experienced technology law expert on hand, you could be jeopardising your technology business. 

To find out about the ATL Privacy Review service, book a free legal strategy session with us today.

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