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Top Reasons Why Lawyers Must Embrace Technology

IT Lawyers

Lawyers need to embrace technology so that they understand the business environment and landscapes that their clients operate in. Without a solid understanding of this framework, clients will find it frustrating to deal with a lawyer because it will require significant explanation about what the client considers to be relatively simple concepts.

By engaging a Technology IT Lawyer who understands technology the client can save time and energy in the engagement and this is particularly evident when a client engages a lawyer who has already assisted other clients with similar matters.

As Technology IT Lawyers we regularly assist clients with sophisticated technical products and services. We are very familiar with software concepts, managed services infrastructure, cybersecurity issues, cloud based products, telecommunications infrastructure, Internet of Things (IOT), fintech products and a range of other technological products and services. We act for clients across all of the sectors and have been doing so for many years.


Our clients like to use us because we understand not only the legal aspects of a particular legal matter but also the commercial and technical issues that matter most to them. This allows us to hone in on the important issues rather than wasting time on matters that are of no value. Through this we are able to provide a highly effective and focused service that is effective and efficient, leading to successful client outcomes.

By embracing technology in the delivery of legal services, IT Lawyers can also provide a more cost-effective service than lawyers who are tied up in manual processes. This is because automating legal services in the right way can result in significant cost savings to clients.

Marketing legal services also requires embracement of technology because many clients now shop around for legal services using technology such as through web searches and on LinkedIn. Lawyers who fail to adopt marketing practices that reach clients using the forums that clients visit most will be left behind.

Not only is advertising through such forums necessary in order for lawyers to maintain a competitive edge, but installing relevant advanced technologies in a law firm’s website is also now becoming more critical than ever. For example, lawyers can now host webinars and integrate intake forms into websites that can help them become more efficient and effective than ever before.

At Arnotts Technology Lawyers, we invest heavily in technology, in order to stay up to date with the legal issues that matter most to our clients, in order to have a real practical understanding of their challenges, and in order to provide highly effective and efficient legal services every time.

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