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United States launches International Cyberspace and Digital Policy Strategy

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The United States (US) has launched the United States’ International Cyberspace and Digital Policy Strategy. This Strategy underscores the US commitment to a free, open, secure, and resilient cyberspace, essential for economic prosperity and national security.

The Strategy is premised on digital solidarity, referring to cooperation between public and private sectors. It focuses on a willingness to work together on shared goals, to help partners build capacity, and to provide mutual support whilst aligning US national interests with those of international partnerships through compatible approaches to technology governance, partnerships with civil society and private sectors, and embracing cybersecurity resilience through diverse products and services.

The Strategy has three guiding principles:

  1. An affirmative vision for a secure and inclusive cyberspace grounded in international law, including international human rights law
  2. Integration of cybersecurity, sustainable development, and technology innovation, and
  3. A comprehensive policy approach that utilises the appropriate tools of diplomacy and international statecraft across the entire digital ecosystem.

Further, four areas of action have been identified to build resilience:

  1. Promote, build, and maintain an open, inclusive, secure, and resilient digital ecosystem
  2. Align rights-respecting approaches to digital and data governance with international partners
  3. Advance responsible state behaviour in cyberspace, and counter threats to cyberspace and critical infrastructure by building coalitions and engaging partners, and
  4. Strengthen and build international partner digital and cyber capacity.

Through the Strategy, the US desires to “work with any country or actor that is committed to developing and deploying technology that is open, safe, and secure, that promotes inclusive growth, that fosters resilient and democratic societies, and that empowers all people.”

For a full reading of the Strategy, see here.

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