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Victoria announces anti-theft number plate technology

Police car on the street

Victoria Police have recently announced the implementation of new anti-theft number plate technology. This technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically detect stolen number plates on the road by embedding Victorian licence plates with holograms, similar to Australia’s bank notes. In this way, the AI system is able to recognise stolen number plates by comparing images of different licence plates captured by cameras to a database of stolen number plates.

This new technology is expected to significantly reduce the number of number plate thefts and related crimes, such as car theft and organised crime. The use of AI in the detection of stolen number plates allows for quick and efficient identification of stolen vehicles, making it harder for criminals to evade police detection. This will not only increase the chances of recovering stolen vehicles but also prevent criminals from committing further crimes. Moreover, this is expected to come at no extra cost to drivers and will automatically appear on around 430,000 new number plates each year.

The use of cameras to capture images of number plates also allows for the identification of other crimes such as traffic violations, unregistered vehicles and drivers, and even terrorist activities. This technology will be a valuable tool for the police in maintaining the safety and security of the Victorian community.

A similar project was already trailed in late 2020 in Queensland. It is likely that other states in Australia will adopt this system to add an additional layer of security and reduce further vehicle crime.

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