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Who are IT Lawyers? Do IT companies need them?

IT Lawyer

What do IT lawyers do?

IT lawyers assist businesses in the information technology space with all of the technology agreements and policies they need, as well as advising on legal issues such as intellectual property rights, licences, data protection and privacy. Specifically, IT lawyer prepare and advise on various agreements and policies including software development agreements, privacy policies, cloud computing agreements, website terms and conditions, smartphone app end user licence agreements, and IP assignment agreements. They also advise businesses that require assistance on the legal implications of various technology services.

Within the technology law space, there are specific types of lawyers such as startup lawyers who deal with the legal requirements of startups including developing business and employment contracts, registering any trademarks and protecting intellectual property, as well as ensuring compliance with privacy and data protection law. Importantly, as startups grow and scale, startup lawyers can advise on investor relations and raising capital funds. Startup lawyers in particular play an important role in the early stages of a startup as they are able to advise a business on all the essential legal requirements for the business to successfully operate.

What skills do IT lawyers have?

Their possess skills and knowledge in a range of different areas of law but most importantly they are skilled in contracts, business structuring, intellectual property, data protection, and privacy. The best IT lawyer also has a software development or computer science background and is well-versed in the technical aspects of software products. This makes it easier for them to advise software companies on any legal issues relating to source code or just simply understand terms such as “cloud computing” or “SAAS”. Even without an IT background, They need to have an understanding of how software functions as well as a basic understanding of computer programming and software development.

Since technology develops at such a rapid pace and new technological processes and software are always being introduced into businesses, the best IT attorney also must be fast learners and possess a keen interest in the latest software developments.

Do IT companies need an IT lawyer?

If you are a software company, then having a Tech lawyer is essential to help your business close IT deals faster and stay compliant with the latest updates in data protection and privacy. They can help you draft a master services agreement and other project-based documents. The best technology lawyers are those whose key strengths lie in their ability to negotiate complex IT transactions as well as understand how the technology works. The best IT technology lawyers are those that you can talk to without having to waste time explaining IT terms -they just understand because they know the tech industry.

Why choose Arnotts Technology Lawyers?

Arnotts Technology Lawyers excels in finding the legal “blind spots” that many businesses overlook when negotiating IT contracts. The principal of the firm, Alan Arnott, is a Tech lawyer who holds degrees in both law and computer science and has a wealth of experience in preparing, negotiating and advising on complex contractual arrangements. If you are a business in need of an IT lawyer, contact Arnotts Technology Lawyers at or call us on 1800 749 294.

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